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Conditions that impair sleep quantity, quality, or duration and have an effect on a person's capacity to function normally when awake are collectively referred to as "sleep disorders." Some of these disorders may also be signs of underlying mental health conditions. These disorders can exacerbate other medical difficulties.

The American Sleep Disorders Association released the initial classification scheme for sleep disorders in 1979. Over the past forty years, our knowledge and understanding of the health benefits of sleep have changed. More than 100 distinct sleep disorders have been found, and current classifications classify these diseases based on their etiology, symptoms, physiological and psychological impacts, and other factors using sophisticated approaches. The following four symptoms, however, can be used to identify the majority of sleep disorders:

You find it hard to fall asleep and hard to stay asleep.

During the day, it's hard for you to stay awake.

Your circadian cl clock is out of whack, which makes it difficult to maintain a regular sleep routine.

You are prone to strange habits that keep you awake at night.

Any of these symptoms can be a sign of a sleep disorder. If you suffer any of these problems, we strongly advise that you see a doctor.

To find out more about various forms of sleep disorders, see the sections below. Our list of sleep disorders is based on the International Classification of Sleep Disorders—Third Edition published by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (ICSD-3).

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