Find out how many types of Zirconia porcelain teeth there are? Which type should I choose for molars?

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Find out how many types of Zirconia porcelain teeth there are? Which type should I choose for molars?
Besides other methods such as teeth whitening, braces, implants, porcelain veneers, Zirconia cosmetic porcelain crowns are currently one of the most popular dental restoration techniques. Join Dentos to find out how many types of Zirconia porcelain teeth there are and which type you should use!
1. Detailed information about all-ceramic Zirconia teeth
Before discovering how many types of Zirconia porcelain teeth there are, let's review the core information about this type of porcelain teeth.
Since its inception in the 90s - 2000s, Zirconia all-ceramic teeth have created a revolution in the cosmetic dentistry industry, marking a great advancement compared to previous metal-ceramic teeth. With outstanding advantages in aesthetics, durability and reasonable cost, Zirconia porcelain teeth are increasingly popular and become the top choice for a radiant smile.
1.1. Find out what Zirconia porcelain teeth are?
The highlight of Zirconia porcelain teeth lies in their monolithic structure from Zirconium dioxide, including the ribs and crowns, completely free of metal. Thanks to the application of modern compression technology, this type of porcelain tooth not only possesses outstanding durability but also brings high aesthetics. Some popular lines of Zirconia porcelain teeth today include: DDbio, Orodent, K-tana, Cercon, Ceramill, Emax Zirconia,...

Zirconia porcelain teeth have a natural color, similar to real teeth
Zirconia porcelain teeth possess the same natural beauty as real teeth thanks to their perfect bright white color. This type of porcelain tooth has a strength nearly 10 times higher than real teeth. Thanks to its lack of metal, Zirconia does not oxidize over time, ensuring safety for soft tissue and completely eliminating black edges that cause unsightliness.
1.2. Good points of Zirconia porcelain teeth
Zirconia porcelain teeth bring a radiant smile with a naturally bright white color, in harmony with the color of real teeth, fooling all eyes.
The close-fitting design does not create gaps between teeth, helping to minimize plaque and bacteria, protecting oral health and increasing aesthetics.
Possessing outstanding durability, nearly 10 times greater than real teeth and 1.6 times greater than metal-ceramic teeth, Zirconia perfectly meets the needs of long-term chewing.
With proper care, the lifespan of Zirconia porcelain teeth can be up to decades.
This type of porcelain tooth is completely biocompatible, does not cause soft tissue irritation, completely eliminates worries about blackening of the gum line and helps shorten restoration time.
Thanks to its metal-free structure, Zirconia does not oxidize over time, ensuring safety and maintaining long-term aesthetic beauty.
1.3. How long do Zirconia porcelain teeth last?
Zirconia all-ceramic teeth are a line of cosmetic porcelain teeth that can maintain durability for more than 15 years, even 20 years or longer if you are covered by a reputable unit, with a highly specialized dentist and dental care. mouth properly.
1.4. Are Zirconia porcelain crowns painful?
Zirconia porcelain crowns are completely painless, because:
Indicated to treat dental diseases (if any) before performing porcelain crowns.
Be anesthetized before grinding the tooth pulp.
A team of highly skilled doctors perform tooth grinding at the right rate, without invading too deeply, affecting the dentin and pulp; Precise tooth installation technique, ensuring the porcelain crown is tightly fitted, has a correct bite, and is not rough or uneven.
In some cases with sensitive areas, there will be slight pain when the anesthetic wears off, but it will go away after a few hours.

Some patients will experience slight pain when the anesthetic wears off after getting Zirconia porcelain crowns
1.5. What should I do if I have pain after getting porcelain crowns?
After knowing whether porcelain crowns are painful, you need to understand some of the following basic remedies to treat the painful area if you encounter it.
First, try using simple measures such as applying cold compresses and chewing soft foods for a few days, and can contact your doctor for instructions on taking pain relievers.
If after many days the pain does not improve and gradually becomes more serious, go to the original porcelain crown dentist for a check-up. Depending on the cause of the pain, the doctor will prescribe a treatment plan, such as adjusting the position if the porcelain tooth is warped or uneven, or completely removing the porcelain tooth to treat the disease and then restore it. New porcelain crowns.
2. How many types of Zirconia porcelain teeth are there? - Classified by material
"How many types of Zirconia porcelain teeth are there?" This is certainly one of the many questions people have when learning about this type of porcelain teeth. There are two popular types of Zirconia porcelain teeth, one is solid (original) and the other is layered. Depending on the location where cosmetic porcelain crowns are needed, the dentist will advise on the appropriate type.
2.1. Solid Zirconia porcelain teeth
This is the original type of Zirconia porcelain tooth, which has a very high load-bearing capacity, but has average aesthetics, so it is often chosen to cover the tooth positions responsible for chewing every day, such as molars.
2.2. Layered all-ceramic Zirconia teeth
This type has an inner frame made of Zirconia, while the outside is made of aesthetic porcelain, so the bearing capacity will be less than the original type above, but in return it is highly aesthetic. People often choose this type of crown for the front teeth.

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