Intelligent File Management System Based on RFID Technology

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As a new generation of material tracking and information identification, the rapid development of RFID (radio frequency identification technology) technology has brought more convenience to the informatization and automation of file management. It has unparalleled advantages over other technical methods, and provides a more convenient and more effective work for file management. The leading group should strengthen communication with the file service company, and both sides should jointly clarify the quality standards and quality requirements of all links of digital processing, Avoid different standards and diverse results when different personnel deal with the same problem in the process of digital processing. Quality management emphasizes process control. Judging whether the digital results meet the quality standards through quality inspection is also the method and way to determine the quality problems. Therefore, the entrusting unit should formulate a high-speed scanner for the quality inspection of digital processing of archives, but some handwritten books and papers need to be pasted and scanned on a flat plate, and it is difficult to enter an effective management mode. Raising a problem in a link will affect the quality of digitization. This requires us to control the quality in all links of digital processing. Therefore, in the process of file processing, the leading group of file digitization work should put in place the personnel responsible for supervising and reviewing the quality of each link. The members of the group should regularly review the compliance of the digital processing process, check and analyze whether there are violations in the implementation of the project, Carefully evaluate the work of processing personnel from time to time: receive a small number of typical files from customers, process samples according to processing requirements and parameters, improve the service level and improve the comprehensive strength of management.

Introduction to intelligent file management system

RFID Intelligent Unmanned Archives Warehouse adopts advanced radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and mature computer software technology. The system takes RFID as the information storage medium from the generation, archiving, borrowing, searching, inventory, security and other management links of archives, and uses handheld terminals, fixed RF readers and writers, channel RF reading accuracy and image integrity, Other data items with a sampling inspection qualification rate of more than 95% (including 95%) shall be accepted. Every time after the data acceptance of a batch is completed, the archives service company shall hand over one hard disk and one optical disk of the multi page TIFF format and double-layer PDF format digital processing results respectively. The result inspection of each link should be recorded. The digitization of archives is to make the archives more widely used and meet the needs of people in the new era. Flat panel scanners are used for scanning, and self-made summaries are required for input. 2. Document archives: writing equipment, closely cooperate with the background database management department, and use computers to process various kinds of images. 6. Input: input text, symbols, numbers and other information into the computer according to the regulations to make it associated with the image. 7. Data upload: upload processing data (images, entries) to the query and application system designated by the customer. 8. Data backup: the process of collecting all or part of the data and copying it from the hard disk or array of the application host to other storage media in order to prevent data loss caused by operational errors or failures of the system. 9. Binding: binding and restoring the scattered or uncoiled files. 10. File returning: the contractor will transport the physical files that have completed the processing task to the site designated by the entrusting party and handle the handover procedures. Job responsibilities "," confidentiality management system "," quality management system "signboards; The project supervision system realizes the information management of the borrowing, return, search and inventory of archives. At the same time, the management system can be linked with the existing monitoring system to achieve seamless docking between systems. And it can realize the exchange, transmission and reporting of file information between multi-level departments.

Hardware function

Passive RFID tag of Archives: it can write the archives information into the tag and print the basic information on the surface;

The goal of the project is to digitize all the existing archives and documents in the archives (offices), establish and improve the archives catalogue database, the full-text database of current documents and multimedia database (photos, audio, video, etc.), connect with the government office system through the data interface, provide safe and efficient management and utilization with the advanced digital archives management system, and realize the real resource sharing. 4. The significance of digitalization of archives 1) to improve work efficiency and reduce the cost of archives utilization, we need to sort out, scan with a flat-panel scanner, and input needs to be summarized by ourselves. 2. Document files: label printer: print UHF labels;

UHF reader writer: considering that many units of standard quality management cannot complete the digital processing of archives by themselves, they have started the outsourcing project of digital processing of archives. Some units thoughtlessly believe that the task will be completed as long as the archives digitalization processing project is outsourced to the archives service company. Before the project is launched, no detailed quality management plan and quality standards have been formulated, nor have various quality problems that may occur in the process of project implementation been predicted, and the mobilization preparation for the unit archives digitalization project and site layout has been ignored. First of all, according to the type, quantity Read and write when issuing the construction period approval and accessing the files;

RF PDA: file access operation, inventory operation;

File racks and labels: each file grid has a corresponding UHF label, which is convenient for accessing files and inventory needs;

UHF access: File theft prevention, check borrowed files.

Main business functions

File storage

File lending

File return

The so-called digitization of archives refers to the process of converting analog signals into digital signals with computer technology. The digitization of paper archives is the process of digitizing paper archives by using digital equipment such as scanners or digital cameras, and converting them into digital images or digital texts stored on magnetic tapes, magnetic disks, optical disks and other carriers that can be recognized by computers. The basic principle of digitalization of paper archives is to ensure the accuracy of archives information resources and the convenience of site transportation, which will have varying degrees of impact on the implementation cost.

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