4 Reasons For Inaccurate Rfid Data Collection

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As the key technology of the sensing layer of the Internet of things, RFID technology has penetrated into all aspects of our life. The advantage of RFID is that it can quickly collect a large amount of data without directly contacting the perceived object. However, no matter how good the technology is, it will also face "technical difficulties". In the process of RFID data collection, it will encounter four "embarrassing situations", namely, missed reading, multiple reading, redundancy and disorder. These four problems, to a great extent, restrict the work efficiency of RFID in practical application.
Whether the RFID is missed is an important indicator to measure the effect of the reader / writer. In fact, in the process of RFID data collection, missing reading is a common phenomenon. It is clear that the tag is within the sensing range of the RFID reader / writer, but the reader / writer fails to obtain the relevant tag data at the corresponding time point or time period. Why do you miss reading? In essence, it is determined by the technical characteristics of RFID, mainly for two reasons. First, interference of radio signals. When readers and writers identify tags in batches at the same time, they often encounter radio wave collision and interference. Second, the interference of water and metal also affects the reading and identification of RFID readers. Relevant research and experiments have found that in the actual application of existing RFID devices, the recognition rate of electronic tags is usually between 60% and 70%, which means that nearly 30% of the data is seriously missed.
RFID can't be missed or read too much. Multi reading is also called cross reading or noise. In short, the electronic tags that should be read are read, and the tags that should not be read are also read. Take the RFID library as an example, the RFID Security door may give a false alarm because it recognizes the books outside the door. In addition, articles in the reader / writer crossing area may be read by two readers / writers at the same time, and these data are called multi read data.
The redundancy of RFID data results in low efficiency of data collection. There are mainly several cases. First, the tag has been read many times by the reader / writer in the same range. Second, the tag is located in the overlapping area of several readers and writers and has been read by multiple readers and writers for many times. Sometimes, in order to improve the reading accuracy, multiple labels with the same identification are pasted on the same item, which aggravates the phenomenon of redundancy.
The disorder of RFID data will also affect the data collection effect. Due to the delay and congestion of the network, the data collected by the reader / writer does not arrive in order or even interferes in wrong order. RFID data cleaning is an essential link. It is to fill in, eliminate the false and retain the true, reduce and sort the data to avoid the impact of such adverse factors as missed reading, multiple reading, redundant reading and disordered arrival during the reading process of the RFID reader/writer.
How to evaluate the effect of RFID reader/writer? The reading effect is a hard indicator, which is also the advantage of andec. After more than ten years of deep cultivation in the field of RFID reading and writing, Andy electronics has accumulated a lot of practical experience in the field of high-frequency and ultra-high frequency reading and writing. The self-developed reading and writing equipment has been widely used in the fields of library, retail and manufacturing.
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