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 Essay on "GMOs: pros and cons"

Recently, many products containing GMOs (genetically modified organisms) have appeared in store shelves. For example, GM starch is often used to make flour products, chocolate is made from the same palm oil, and popcorn is made from GM corn. .

Scientists claim that by adding genetically modified animal and plant parts to food products, they give people   pay for essays more options for choosing the right products and reduce the cost of products. But how safe is such food? 

I don't think anyone can answer that question yet. I know that various studies of GMOs  https://payforessay.pro/papers-for-money/ have been conducted many times in laboratories. These studies have not yet shown any negative effects. But still, it has been too short a time since scientists have had the opportunity to interfere with the natural course of natural processes by changing them for their own purposes.

In other words, there is no telling what effect eating GMOs will have on our health in twenty or thirty years. Who can say for certain that humans will not develop any special genetic diseases? In my opinion, it is quite possible.

But still, we should not underestimate the benefits of GMOs. For example, by changing the genetic code, scientists can now create plants that are more resistant to harsh climatic conditions. And then the need to use toxic synthetic fertilizers disappears, which is certainly a big plus. 

GM products also make it possible to provide food to people in remote regions, giving them the opportunity to buy everything they need inexpensively. And that is really very important.

Nevertheless, I believe that  https://payforessay.pro/buy-dissertations/ GMOs should only be eaten when there really is no choice. There are no analogues with natural composition, or there is simply not enough money for these analogues. In all other situations, it is better not to take unnecessary risks and protect your health.

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