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Merrell Moab 2 Review: What You Expect from These Famous Boots


Merrell is an established hiking boots brand with many legendary models like the original Moab. To see if the newer version can continue to reinforce this status even further, let's dig into our review of the Moab 2 Ventilator.


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When you slide your feet to these awesome pairs of hiking boots, you will understand why it's so popular among the hiking community for such a long time.


With the great flexibility, a supportive footbed, cushioned tongue, and collar, the Moab 2 will bring a high level of comfort, which you can use immediately for your hikes.


Compared to previous Moab versions, this release has a refined insole, which is an expected improvement. As a result, you can now have good arch support while the heel cup can hold your feet firmly in place. Besides that, the extra padding may surprise you with its high amount of underfoot protection and trail isolation.


You may find this added cushioning a little funny and tall at first. But believe us, give it a few testing miles, and you will notice the customized feel, which contributes to its incredible comfort on extended trails.


Support and Stability


With the primary target customers being day hikers, the Merrell Moab 2 has modest support and stability.


Compared to a typical pair of running shoes, it resists the rocky terrain well and has better ankle support. But in both versions (low-top and mid-height), you can feel a decent amount of flex around its collar and underfoot.


This does not mean it's a bad characteristic. With flexible boots, you will feel more comfortable. And this also renders the Moab 2 not suitable for hiking through technical terrain, steep and long climbs, or under heavy loads.


One of the most important improvements over its predecessors is the added silicon bands. Running outside your feet and around the inside, they make the structure tougher, preventing you from rolling your ankles.


Some hikers doubt this change, though, as they deem that's useless. But at least you will find the boots more stable and secure in many situations.




The Moab 2 has a decent level of traction, suitable for day hikers. You may find them slippery on rocky terrain, but it can serve you well in the mud. However, the lugs are tightly spaced, so they may pick up a lot of muck.


Compared to a high-end model like the X Ultra, which has the angled tread, the Moab 2 has limited traction on descents. But it still does a decent job.


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The non-waterproof version of Merrell boots also have great breathability, and the Moab 2 is no exception. Having some mesh along the top and sides, it can keep you comfortable in lightweight socks.


But this breathability does get worse on the waterproof version, which is totally expected. So if you plan to hike under warm conditions and do not get annoyed when sometimes your feet get wet while crossing streams, the Moab 2 is an ideal choice.




Like the previous models, the Moab 2 comes with two options of waterproofing, the standard Gore-Tex lining, and the in-house M-Select. If you want a safe bet, just go for the former version, which is lightweight and has better breathability. But the M-Select also has a decent resistance level to water while costing you a little less.


Pros and Cons




Lightweight, good comfort

Great value for your money

Multiple options





Average traction on mud and rocky terrain

Not ideal for technical terrain or heavy loads


Our Verdict


Despite its limits, the Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator is still one of the best light hiking boots, and even moderate hiking, at a fair price range in Hiking Boots Reviews . There must be legitimate reasons for its popularity, after all. 

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