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The 3 reasons why having more than 1 type of vacuum at home is good for you


A vacuum cleaner is essential to have around the house. It is rare to see a homeowner not equipping themselves with at least one model from among the Top 10 vacuum cleaners. However, not many homeowners have more than one type of vacuum cleaner at home. While the decision is good economically, it is better to diversify your options to attain optimal cleaning results.


Number 1: There is no do-it-all vacuum model


Houses built today are, of course, different from houses that were built 50 years ago. Coincidentally, this is the reason behind the evolution of vacuum cleaners. From a simple cleaning machine that was sufficient for cleaning an entire house, vacuum cleaners have evolved to accommodate the expansion of newer houses.


While a single type of vacuum cleaner might seem like it is enough to get a house cleaned adequately, it is actually not enough. For example, nothing can beat the conventional vacuum cleaner when it comes to cleaning the carpets but its heavy weight makes it far less ideal for cleaning the stairs.


As another example, an upright vacuum cleaner might seem like it has the perfect balance between mobility and cleaning power. However, its size is still too cumbersome for small messes around the kitchen. Plus, its size definitely does not help when it comes to cleaning your car.


Number 2: Better suited for the task


There is a reason why there are so many types of vacuum cleaners on the market. That is because each type of vacuum cleaner has been designed with the most optimized working in mind, bringing to you the best possible cleaning performance for a specific task.


Using the example above, an upright vacuum cleaner would be too much for dealing with simple problems like careless spills in the kitchen or cleaning the car. This is why there are handheld vacuums that are designed specifically to excel at cleaning cars perfectly. These can be found in many vacuum cleaner reviews.


It gets even dicier when it comes to special niches like pet hair control for pet owners. Clearly, an ordinary vacuum model would not be sufficiently equipped with the right tools to deal with such a specialized problem. This is why having a wide range of vacuum cleaners around your home means not only can you deal with a wide range of tasks, but also you can deal with each task adequately.


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Number 3: Making you the cleaning wizard


Having multiple types of vacuum cleaners in your home certainly makes you more flexible with your cleaning tasks. However, having too many types of machines might also evoke the feeling of being overwhelmed by technology. Therefore, while the idea is intriguing for some people, many are turning their back on it because they do not know how to operate many types of machines.


This is totally understandable, given that it requires some degree of experience and intuitiveness to operate the machines properly. While this might sound hilarious for young people, as they can figure out the machines pretty quickly, the same cannot be said about the more elderly or not-so-tech-savvy population.


However, once this challenge has been overcome, you can proudly give yourself a pat on the back for mastering different forms of technology to help you clean your home more effectively. You have now become a cleaning wizard when it comes to knowing how to clean everything in the best way possible.




There are many reasons why you would want more than just one type of vacuum in your home. If you are still using just one type of vacuum cleaner, better get shopping for the Best vacuum cleaners in the world. Start soon!