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  • 16-03-2023

    Cu Chi is a district in the southern region of Vietnam, located approximately 40 kilometers northwest of Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon). During the Vietnam War, the area was a key stronghold for the Viet Cong, who used a network of underground tunnels to carry out guerrilla warfare against American and South Vietnamese forces. https://cdn.kenhsinhvien.vn/data/2023/03/413263_Cu-Chi-tunnel-tours_1.jpg The Cu Chi tunnel tours were a complex system of underground tunnels and rooms that spanned over 250 kilometers in total length. The tunnels were used for a variety of purposes, including shelter, storage, communication, and military operations. They were also used to launch surprise attacks on enemy forces and to transport supplies and personnel. The tunnels were dug by hand using primitive tools, and were often just wide enough to allow a single person to crawl through. The Viet Cong soldiers who lived and worked in the tunnels were able to survive for extended periods of time, thanks to their ingenuity and resourcefulness. They created makeshift kitchens, medical facilities, and even entertainment areas within the tunnels. Despite facing heavy bombing and search-and-destroy missions by American and South Vietnamese forces, the Viet Cong were able to maintain their stronghold in Cu Chi throughout much of the war. The tunnels were a key factor in their ability to resist the American military, and they became a symbol of the tenacity and resilience of the Vietnamese people. https://cdn.kenhsinhvien.vn/data/2023/03/413265_Cu-Chi-tunnel-tours_14.jpg Today, the cu chi south vietnam are a popular tourist destination, with visitors able to crawl through a section of the tunnels and learn about the history of the Vietnam War. The area also contains several memorials and museums dedicated to the war and the people who fought in it.

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