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Time To Creep 

The darkest part of game the one everyman who learns it will be put in a situation where he’ll have to make a choice to use it or not. That’s gaming a married or engaged woman. Yup being forced to chose to be the man on the side or take the highroad and not mess with a marriage. I wish I could tell you to take the moral high ground and not mess with married women. But I can not tell a lie, I have gotten into this sticky situation more than once. If you choose to go down this route there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. There’s some rules you can follow that will increase the chances of you having fun but more importantly staying alive while keeping the affair on the Loveawake. First let’s look at the pros and cons of creeping.


Sex is usually way hotter/ freakier.
Less financial investments in “Dates” and nights out on the town, drinking
You do not have to fully emotionally commit to the creep relationship.
The potential to have something on the side can last years with little effort.
If done correctly can be used for leverage in the workforce should the time ever come.


Death, husband finding out
Destroying a family
Bad reputation in the workplace
Never being able to go out in public or have a normal date night out


So now that you know the good and bad that comes with creeping at this level. Let’s try to figure out the type of married women most likely to creep on their husbands. Women under 30 right off the back. Usually these are the first ones among their friends to get married and settle down. They have strong ties to their girlfriends who are still go out on dates, to the clubs, and hook up on one night stands. When things are going great in their marriage they don’t miss this lifestyle, but as soon as things start going bad the memories of girls night come back quick as they are still fresh in her mind. It also doesn’t help that she has unmarried friends giving her relationship advice who secretly want the marriage over and done with so she’ll have a wing woman back.


The second class of married women ready to creep are women who’ve just had a child around a year later. Might be having a little trouble losing all of the pregnancy weight and of course notice the decrease in the sex life between her and her husband. In my humble opinion the biggest thing that will lead to a woman creeping in a marriage is self doubt in her attractiveness. Women who are used to a high level of compliments and being made to feel attractive will look for that same feeling ANYWHERE. I smart guy would never marry a woman who constantly needed compliments and ego boost.


Women who’ve lost a lot of weight in their marriage. When a married woman loses drastic weight and starts to get noticed by men her attitude will change. She’ll feel sexier and more alive than she did before getting married and having kids. With the new attention she receives from men on the streets, coworkers and even friends she’ll start to look at her man and wonder if she can do better. Creeping will be the first way she tests the waters. This also goes for women who’ve had some type of cosmetic surgery that drastically improves her looks. Liposuction, breast implants, facelift….


Another class of women most likely to have an affair are older women who stay in shape still have a strong sex drive but who’s husbands are just plain tired or too busy to fuck them. This happens with women who’s husbands travel all the time and more realistically have a thing on the side themselves.


The last type of women who are most likely to creep on their husbands are the ones married to super alpha men. These men keep very tight control on their women, on what they wear out of the house, who they hangout with and talk to. Most of the time this a cultural/ religious thing so you’re not talking about white dudes. These type of alpha men keep such a tight grip on their women but don’t balance it with any love or type of emotional attention. The women quickly start to feel like property and will gravitate to a guy that shows any type of interest.


If you have a chance to go down this path the opportunity will probably happen with a coworker. If there was ever a chance to pause and use your head before your dick, now would be the time. There should be some obvious rules here but in case it needs to be stated for the rookies reading this…. Never ever creep with a subordinate or someone you are in charge of. Don’t creep with someone that’s on your direct team or that you work with on the same project/task on a daily basis. Don’t creep with a married woman known for creeping around. Basically only creep if she works for your company but a different team, boss, department or sits on a different floor. Never contact each other using company e mail or anything that could be monitored by IT. If you must don’t bring up creeping activities like meeting up afterwork, getting a hotel room, or banging on your boss’s desk.