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LK-AO Package Sewage Treatment Plant Bio chemical Wastewater Solutions
LK-AO Package sewage treatment is mainly applied to treat domestic sewage, the technology is bio-chemical reactor, the designed parameters is normally inlet water BODs:200mg/l, outlet water BODs: 20mg/l
How it Works?
The sewage in EQ tank shall be pumped into the STP.
Component of A/O Package sewage treatment:
1. Screen---Intercepting the micro floats and suspended particle from entering in.
2. Anoxic tank---Nitrogen removal process, sewage mixing with reflux nitrification from aeration tank, and bio carrier is placed to reach a better removal performance on nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfide.
3. Aeration tank---Micro-bubble disc air diffuser+high quality activated sludge carrier, continuously circulated and fully contacted with the biofilm on the carrier to achieve rapid degradation of organic matter.
4. Clarifier---After aeration, the sewage enters into Clarifier, the designed surface load is 0.6-1.2銕?m虏.d,adjustable overflow wire,toothed water collecting tank.The sludge in Clarifier is lifted to sludge tank.
5. Disinfection tank---Chlorine dioxide generator,to remove most coli,bacteria and viruses.
6. Sludge tank---For sludge digestion
7. Equipment section---to install blowers,chlorine dioxide generator,and control cabinet etc.
鈼廝re-engineered, pre-fabricated structures result in lower cost;
鈼廍asily transported to the customer鈥檚 project site;
鈼廌esign allows for quick turnaround time for delivery and installation锛?/p>
鈼廠imple to operate and requires low manpower锛?/p>
鈼廍ffective extended aeration principal
鈼廢ser friendly 鈥?low and easy maintenance
鈼廋ustom design / application specific systems
鈼廘and Development / housing / subdivisions
鈼廠mall and medium sized communities and cities
鈼廙obile Home Parks
鈼廟emote mining, logging, and construction sites
鈼廟ecreational areas such as parks, campgrounds, marinas
鈼廙anufacturing facilities, power plants, military bases
鈼廠chools and other educational campuses
鈼廏overnment compounds
鈼廘ow Flow / High Strength and High Flow / Low Strength applications
鈼廈iological waste water treatment for industrial wastewater flows
Onsite working referenceChina Sewage Treatment Plant