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EZY Travel&Trip - The best time to travel to bali  is during the islet's dry season, which runs from April through October. This rainfall in Bali during this time of time gives excursionists the climate they need to enjoy some of the stylish strands in Indonesia, and take part in out-of-door adventures, like hiking Mount Batur and precipice jumping.

The average temperature in Bali hovers between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius throughout the time. During the dry season, excursionists are treated to beautiful sand rainfall, with average diurnal temperatures in the high 20s.
The months of April through October are the least sticky time of time in Bali. And while you can anticipate ample quantities of sun during Bali's dry season, do not be surprised if you get the occasional shower. The rain generally will not last all day, however, and it gives the geography a distinctive tropical rummy. It's a smart idea to pack an marquee and rain jacket, just in case.