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Say hello to our new smart keypad that combines the traditional keypad with a smart chip in one unit. It comes with a number of features, including locking/unlocking, user-specific access and automatic locking. The keypad also has several finishing options, such as wooden and brushed aluminum front plates, making it an ideal solution for both businesses and homes. 

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    Forget about digging your remote control out from under the cushions, this smart remote has all your home entertainment features at your fingertips. Control TV sound and volume, change channels, open and close the drapes, and much more. This remote lets you keep your hand off the couch and focused on watching TV rather than looking for the remote.  

    #khoa_dien_tu #khóa_điện_tử #khóa_điện_tử_vân_tay #ổ_khóa_điện_tử #o_khoa_dien_tu
    <a href="https://lockernlock.vn/danh-muc-san-pham/khoa/khoa-dien-tu/">khóa điện tử</a>
    <a href="https://cafebiz.vn/locker-lock-giai-phap-tu-khoa-tien-tien-va-toan-dien-20211204115153018.chn"> KHOA SO</a>

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