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Review for Karcher K5 Premium Full Control Plus Pressure Washer


Browsing the web for the Best rated pressure washer models will certainly not help you find your ideal match any easier. Instead, may we take it upon ourselves to introduce you to a pressure washer that really knows how to be creative and set itself apart from the competition. And that is the Karcher K5 Premium Full Control Plus Pressure Washer.




The Karcher K5 Premium Full Control Plus here is an interesting pressure washer model to get acquainted with. Because this washer has its own unique method of pressure control while it being just a moderately powerful pressure washer.


There is also an intelligent way that you can employ with this pressure washer, specifically by rotating the nozzle head, to create and control different levels of water pressure and movements.


This simple but brilliant design proves to be very crucial when you get working with bigger cleaning jobs. The reason why this is very crucial is because it is a common knowledge that bigger jobs would require you to change nozzle heads very often.


And this convenient rotating design helps you save plenty of precious time by helping you avoid the chore of having to switch the heads around.


With this smart and convenient design, now you only need to rotate the cleaning head to get your desired effect. For example, when you are cleaning your car, you can easily rotate to go into the mixing mode and mix the water stream with your detergent tank.


And then you can rotate again to switch to the lance mode and give your car a gentle rinse with lighter water jets. All of this can be transitioned smoothly without you having to stop and switch between the heads.


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In terms of pricing, the price tag is still within the affordability range. However, given that the price is slightly higher than some other commonly available models, users have expressed their wish that this washer could use some better features. While the lance mode of the washer is okay in terms of getting things done smoothly, users have said that they wish the mode has been a little bit more powerful than just what they would expect from a normal pressure washer.


Users have also wanted the water temperature and water pressure that the washer could produce to have been more powerful and closer to the premium power washer for home use options.


But other than the negative opinions, users have also found other modes of the washer to be very satisfying. For instance, the dirt blaster mode has been found to be very effective at cleaning your patio and patio furniture alike.


This pressure washer inherently comes with no additional accessories. The reason for this is very simple and has been mentioned above. All the different nozzle heads that you would find in other pressure washer models are incorporated already into the smart rotating feature.


The only thing that you need to purchase in addition to the washer itself is the detergent container, because the washer does not have an inherent foam sprayer function.

While this may sound redundant as to why a single function was left out and not incorporated, it is actually beneficial because it gives you more control over the amount of available soap you have while you are operating the washer.




With a unique way to differentiate itself, the Karcher K5 pressure washer has certainly earned itself a spot among the competition for the Best pressure washer brands on the market. Try it, and you will definitely fall in love with the all-in-one rotation feature of this pressure washer.