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What are the Best Platform Bed for foam Mattress?


Memory foam mattresses are popular due to the comfort they offer. Just like other mattresses, they can sag and wear out if not well taken care of. To prevent this, there are several platform beds you can use.


Amerisleep Platform Bed


With a sleek design, this is one of the best king platform bed frames for a foam mattress. The solid wood slat system offers excellent support to the mattress without slipping. The sleeper enjoys reliability, firmness, and reliability. One thing you will appreciate about the sturdy slat system is that it protects the mattress against soft-spot development. As you sleep, you are assured of proper spinal alignment. The slats are wide and well-spaced, thus, you are not worried about sagging. It comes in a low-profile design that is ideal for minimalists.


Watson Platform Bed Base by Plushbeds


If you live in a small apartment, this bed is excellent. Also, if you prefer using foam mattresses and you do not want to void its warranty, opt for the Watson platform bed base. The slats are strategically space for enhanced support to your foam mattress which also prevents sagging. Also, it helps in extending longevity. It boasts a solid construction which allows it to accommodate heavyweights.

Stability can be an issue at times, but not with this specific bed and design. It comes with extra center legs and added beam. It is multifunctional with four discreetly inbuilt drawers.


Winkbeds Platform Foundation


If durability, functionality, and comfort are a priority, you cannot go wrong with this king size platform bed. It is not only built of solid wood that enhances its sturdiness, but it also accommodates different weight capacities. The impressive construction provides excellent support to memory foam mattresses. The hardwood legs are stylish and sleek, while the support beam and extra legs give additional stability. Its interlocking connectors make it easy to assemble the bed while its neutral colors blend easily in varieties of styles.


How to Choose a Platform Bed for A Foam Mattress?


You have a memory foam mattress, or you are planning on buying one. With the hundreds of platform bed options in stores, how do you choose the best one?

The first thing to consider is the material that it is crafted of. It could be made of wood, metal, composite, or other materials. Besides the construction quality, take a look at the slats. Keep in mind that they should neither be too wide nor too thin. You need sufficient airflow for the mattress and even support. This will prevent mold, mildew, and premature sagging.


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On the other hand, you need to consider its weight capacity. Will it accommodate the sleeper or the sleepers comfortably? It should be about 600 lbs minimum.

If you have a specific mattress thickness, keep in mind the bed’s height. If it is tall, choose a thinner memory foam mattress and vice versa. It will be hassle-free to climb in and out of bed.